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  • James Lusk

Warm Hands from Qigong/Tai Chi Training

A frequent sensation experienced by a practitioner of Qigong or Tai Chi, is heating of the hands. Others describes this as a fullness in the hands, a tingling or electrical current coursing through the hands, or for those who don’t experience sensations, but have a cerebral connection with the hands, they might explain that their hands suddenly feel “capable”.

This experience while doing or after completing a Qigong/Tai Chi set usually means that one’s Qi has been drawn from the head or the heart area, where it should not be stored, and has come into the hands. Why into the hands, especially if one hasn’t consciously directed it there?

The hands are the most outward manifestation of where we interact with the world. Many people would say we interact with the world through our senses. Actually, this is where we receive the world interacting with us. A cool breeze on our skin, the smell of offal, the Milky Way wispily coming into view, the taste of bitter herbs, the silence of a steady snow fall.

When we want to interact with the world, when we want to build our environment, when we want to create a response to a prompting from the universe through art, or music, or a compassionate gesture, we use our hands. Our intent directs the energy from our hands into some physical object in the universe and we become co-creators with what is.

We fashion, massage, split, bludgeon, fix, mix, spin, caress, build, tear down, type, write, play, fling, fight, sort, sin, and make right with our hands. We put our energy into the material being which is at hand, and with it’s innate nature and our desire for fashioning, the two of us create something new.

Something new, the reason for consciousness to emerge from its still point. Something new, the reason for our energy manifesting from out our hands.

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