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Qigong is the practice of mindfully circulating energy within one’s own body. I teach many forms for general health and vitality, including:

  • Soaring Crane Qigong

Brought to the US by Professor Chen, Huixian when she came to teach at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine; this Qigong set helps to focus the mind to develop one’s breathing and posture.

  • Silk Reeling Exercises

The Chen-style Chan Ssu Jing exercises are continuous, spiraling patterns generated from the core with a constant speed and a light touch. Perfect for preparing for push-hands.

  • Jiang, Jian-Ye Qigong

General Qigong sets for health and vitality including specific moves for opening the major joint areas of the body, Yin-Yang Medical Qigong for toning the 5 Yin Organs of the body, a Qigong for Arthritis set, and general warmups for mobility and toning muscle groups.

  • Tai Chi for a Small Space

Preparatory exercises that highlight specific Tai Chi moves in a stationary stance.


  • 8 Pieces of Brocade

One of the most taught forms in the world. It has come down through many lineages. This rendition concentrates on expanding energy in the 7 directions: up & down, side to side, forward & back, and center.

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